Piece of Nature in your home...


You would like to have aquarium / terrarium / vivarium in your home or office, and you do not have time to take care of it? Or You already have an aquarium / terrarium / vivarium, it looks neglected or would like to make a change? Wondering how to achieve a lush greens or a perfect copy of nature ? Hand over maintenance and soon Your guests and business partners will envy You.


Specification of the equipment and defining

  • Sketching the aquarium / terrarium setup
  • The calculation of all required parameters (flow , the thickness of the substrate , counseling about filtration systems , lighting , heating and cooling , the moisture content , the specific needs of animals)
  • Delivery of the necessary substrate and decorative elements
  • Scaping the aquarium / terrarium and planting plants according to the agreed diagram
  • The release of the aquarium / terrarium in operation
  • Monitoring aquarium first 30 days and correcting parameters of water


Construction and equipping

  • Innovative technology
  • LED lightning systems
  • 3D backgrounds
  • Aquarium and terrarium sets
  • Custom made aquariums and terariums
  • Introducing new products


The service includes all necessary actions for the normal functioning of the aquarium

  • Changing 20-30 % ( or required amounts ) of water 2 times in 30 days
  • Filter cleaning
  • Dosing chemical and other products used for water treatment
  • Dosing required amount of fertilizers and adjusting parameters of water
  • Aquascaping maintenance (plant trimming, bottom vacuuming)
  • Cleaning glass from algae
  • Refilling the automatic feeders

Additional benefits for our customers !

In the case of long-term engagement - 2 General cleaning included in the service ( cleaning the filter , the "reset " of the aquarium , or general cleaning terrarium )
Service COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE includes everything mentioned above as well as the replacement and restoration of living organisms in the aquarium / terrarium / vivarium . This service can only be arranged for long-term maintenance contracts.
Advice about setup / Aquarium Equipment : The service includes consultation with the user of the required values ​​of all parameters necessary for the good functioning of the system ( quantity of fertilizers , flow , filtration systems , etc. ), and according to the wishes of the user.
Specifically contracted maintenance : Maintenance can be arranged according to specific requirements or needs for well-functioning aquarium / terrarium in consultation with our customers .