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The Pula Aquarium is located in the 130-year-old fort Verudela, part of the once powerful defense complex of Austro-Hungarian Fortress Pula. Today, there are 100 species of North and South Adriatic fish species and 50 species of tropical sea and freshwater fish, as well as fish of Croatian rivers and lakes. The Pulski Aquarium is a attraction that will attract both children and adults. Along with the display of an aquarium, which is unique, interesting, inspirational and educational, it represents the natural and cultural heritage of Croatia, this aquarium is also unique to its location. Namely, it is located in the Austro-Hungarian fort Verudela, built in 1886, which is registered as a protected cultural heritage. Since 2002, the revitalization of the fort has been carried out so far. More than 1,000 m2 of indoor space and 5,000 m2 of outdoor surfaces are tailored to the needs of the aquarium and visitors. Most of the forts' rooms are converted to an aquarium setting, with the exception of the central part of the central block and the vault surrounding the fort, 100 meters long and 10 meters wide.


The centerpiece block of Verudela Fortress, currently empty, will be redirected to showcase the living world of the Adriatic and tropical habitats. In 2018, Aquarium Pula prepares the opening of two completely new pools (out of a total of three planned), each of which is 50000 liters. The ground floor pool will be home to some of the larger representatives of the Adriatic Sea such as buccaneus, pigeons and some species of sharks, while on the aquarium floor there will be tropical sharks and a hammer shark.


We have set up two large marine aquariums (Adriatic and Tropical), each of 50,000 liters. The third pool is decorated as a habitat for caiman and large freshwater fish and contains about 30,000 liters of water. In the process we have used over 50 m2 of our own production of artificial rock, made of composite materials that are completely inert and high aesthetics. The stone in marine aquariums simulates the tropical and the Adriatic ridge, and in the caiman's habitat the stone island hides technique and also serves as a sunbath place for reptiles.



Aquatika freshwater aquarium and museum of rivers is tourist attraction based on the bio-diversity of Karlovac rivers and lakes and rich tradition of life along the river Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra. Total project value is HRK 36,691,939.28 of which HRK 36,222,282.45 is co-financed by grants from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme 2007-2013. It is intended for primarily educational tourism - pupils, students, hobbyists and scientists. The Aquarium will enrich the tourist offer of the City of Karlovac and Karlovac County and encourage the integration of the local tourist offer as well as the development of services and production.

Author of arhitecture is award winning arhitectural studio 3LHD from Zagreb, Croatia


The aquarium will display flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and their ecosystems, geological history and traditional culture and history of four Karlovac rivers. Displays are set up to follow the flow of rivers - the river flora and fauna and its biodiversity. The exhibition begins outside, on central square. In aquarium, fish in water are first viewed from above, walking along tkhe river, and then sideward, looking beneath the water's surface. While the visitors follow the river flow, they can hear the river flowing. After the headwaters, the sounds are abating, the visitor descends into the caves where there are endemics of Croatian rivers that are generally located in swallets in the nature. After the cave, the river springs again somewhere in its underflow, you can see fish and plants that live in warmer parts of the river. Then you pass under the tunnel where there are larger specimens of fish. After you pass through the tunnel, you cross over the bridge above the lake with water lilies, reeds and species which the visitors are allowed to touch. The end of the exhibition leads to travertine barriers, a system of several aquariums that spill over. There are total of 25 aquariums, each showing different ecosystem and representing different river in Croatia. There will be about 40 species of endemic fish.


Aquatika is currently the most advanced public aquarium in Croatia. Besides aquascaping, Aquatic-Design has participated in consultations about aquarium techniques and systems. On  project Aquatika we have spent:

• over 3500 operating hours

• 75 m3 of substrate

• 130 m2 of artificial backgrounds

• 32 kg of silicon

• trees length 7m

• 600 kg of plants

Artificial rocks were made specifically for this project in order to better present Croatian rivers. In each aquarium there is a nutrient substrate for plants and decorative substrate corresponding to the environment represented by the aquarium setup.

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